A Storage Walk

Marie-Anne Lerjen

A bonded warehouse has a built presence on site. Halls for storage have a size and dimensions. The whole site has a certain extension and is closed off from the outside in a special way. We undertake a site specific group walk on or around Punto Franco in Chiasso, that will be experimenting on an embodied way of reflecting infrastructural appearances.

Marie-Anne Lerjen is a walking artist from Zurich (Switzerland). Since 2011 she has been working under the label of “lerjentours. Agency for walking culture.” Her interest is in walking as a method to gain embodied knowledge about places, spaces, things, and notions. She invites people to join her on a "conceptual" walk to make a sensory spatial experience together. A walk could also be the start for a workshop where the experience leads to further discussions. lerjentours presents performances, videos, talks, and texts about aspects of walking and perception. She is a member of the international Walking Artist Network.

www.lerjentours.net / www.lerjentours.ch