Cordones Des-industriales (a dialogue)

Nihan Somay, Eduardo Cruces

Cordones Des-industriales (a dialogue) is an ensemble of words, rooted in cordon sanitaire due to the pandemic, cordones industriales organized by workers in late 1960’s in Chile, cordones montañosos of The Andes and cordones humanitarios. But above all, it refers to the words that are uttered in the fragmented landscapes of the global synchronicity and aims to be a network of temporary junctures in tune, between post-industrial zones, sacrifice zones, transit zones, reconversion zones. This dialogue takes place through a series of cuts, marks and fissures of convulsion between artistic practices and social movements and insists on solidarity through de-industrial practices.

Sierre – Brig
Brig – Hospental


Following the presentation of “Cordones Des-Industriales: A Dialogue” in Sierre, a writing exercise was introduced to the group who took the train together between Sierre-Brig and Brig-Hospental: the participants were given 10 small cards, and each time the train had stopped they would start to write down words/thoughts or mark the paper in a free, personal manner, and the writing period would be over once the train had started to move again. This repetitive action continued until the arrival to Hospental, and the collected result became a panorama of minds and bodies that go in and out of landscapes, conversations, and temporality. The exercise was highly influenced by CAConrad's (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals, and was offered as a way of opening up one's connection to the fleeing present through language.

Nihan Somay (1988, Istanbul) mostly works in context, occasionally at archives, and explores the possibilities of collaboration in any given situation, while turning to fiction, humour and adventure as conceptual tools. She holds a BA degree in Visual Arts from Sabanci University and an MA degree as Master of Arts in Public Spheres from École de design et haute école d’art du Valais. She is a member of artist collectives: KABA HAT and BAÇOY KOOP (Printing, Duplication and Distribution Cooperative).
Eduardo Cruces (1987, Lota) is an artist and writer who lives and works between Istanbul (Turkey) and Concepción (Chile). He holds a Master of Arts in Public Spheres from École de design et haute école d’art du Valais. His personal and collective research is focused on the phenomenon of deindustrialization and its cultural impacts between art practices, landscape and social movements. He is currently co-director of GCAS - Latin America.