Traversing Topologies

Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research

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Saturday, 12. March 2022

Guided Walk with Barbara Ungepflegt & Andrea Glauser

with: Peter Ahorner, Andrea Isabel Frei, Patric Gehrig,
Saskya Germann, Claudia Schmid

Where is My Where?

 We gathered at 11:00 at Torbogen, Bahnhof Luzern.                   
No registration was needed.

Wednesday/Thursday, 2./3. March 2022, 24 – 7

Performance: San Keller

Night Walks through Distribution Landscape

– Oerlikon to Oerlikon –

25 September 2021

Conference at
Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst, Aktionshalle

10.00 Rachel Mader Welcome and Introduction
  Sarah Kolb Topologies of Artistic Research. Notes on the Transformative Turn in Art
  Kadiatou Diallo Topographies
  Jens Badura The Genius of Place – Outline
of an Aesthetic Topology
11.10  Discussion  
11.30  Break  
11.45 Barbara Ungepflegt / 
Andrea Glauser
Where Is My Where?
12.00 Tobias Matter Augmented Co-Creation
for Public Spaces
12.30  Lunch break Ongoing presentation of «Augmented
Co-Creation for Public Spaces»
13.30 Practices of Attunement (PoA) together//apart
14.40 Donatella Bernardi Beyond Connections
and Endemism
15.10 Break  
15.40 Florian Kutzli /
Fernando García-Dory
Potential Landscape
16.00 Ilka Becker / Sarah Kolb /
Jutta Strohmaier
The Lure of Mycelial Space:
Sharing Knowledge with/ through Mushrooms
17.00 Resume and Previews  
17.30 Apéro – Drinks and Snacks