territorialized data management, storage design  

Patrick Keller, Joël Vacheron

Along a digital walk, it is intended to show and share the ways in which cloud data hosted in Switzerland, and sometimes elsewhere, maintain a close link to the territory, its resources and affordances. We are particularly interested in the spatial and geographical dimensions, both natural and artificial (infrastructural, digital, built), or immaterial (ideas, values, traditions), as well as in the forms taken by the material "groundings" of the cloud integrating these parameters and their implications.

This interest in the physicality of data leads us to develop a reflexive analysis of discourses that aim to promote cloud computing experiences as fluid, transparent, and painless, or precisely, as having no materiality or impact.

It is also a matter of showing the way in which these forms resonate with imaginaries, particularly in Switzerland, but also the alternative and experimental typologies that could emerge.

Patrick Keller is an architect, associate professor and researcher at ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne (HES-SO) where he teaches in the Media & Interaction Design (MID) department. He is a founding member of the collective fabric | ch (www.fabric.ch), composed of artists and scientists and also based in Lausanne. It is in this context that he has contributed to create, develop and exhibit numerous experimental works dealing with the intersections between architecture, networks, algorithms and data, environments.
Joël Vacheron is a sociologist and writer based in Lisbon. He is senior lecturer and fellow researcher at ECAL/University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) where he teaches in the visual communication department. He is currently interested in the interplay between visual cultures, planetary imagination, and globalisation. In 2020, he co-founded Ying Xiang 映象 Journal  (www.ying-xiang.org), an editorial platform reflecting on Asian influences in contemporary cultures.