Practices of Attunement

We invite SARN to join us in developing a politics-in-movement, organised around a Walkshop. Conceptually, the walkshop is guided by topological closeness and nonorientable togetherness, allowing us to think of distance/space not as a grid/separator but as generative sites of encounter—together//apart.

The proposed Walkshop will begin with an (online) gathering where all participants will be introduced to the practice of walking together//apart. We will begin to collectively develop our methodological toolbox during this first gathering. From there, our proposed interventions will take place simultaneously in and across multiple sites (from Lucerne to Valaise and Ticino, to London, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and beyond). Participants will be invited to walk, wander, and attune to their respective environments (milieus). The gatherings generated by these excursions (recordings, photos, field notes, etc.) will then become props to work with during an online session of “deep hanging-out,” taking place in a space of study instituted by these shared yet discrete encounters. The outcomes will be shared across platforms and archived on the conference website.

This talk took place during the conference «traversing topologies» on 25. September 2021
at Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst. Credits: Directing & Audio – Antonio Corrado,
Camera – Vasco Estermann

Practices of Attunement Simon Fleury, Moritz Gansen, Sam Nightingale, Gala Rexer, Chara Stergiou, and Aslı Uludağ, are a collective of artists and researchers from the fields of conservation, media ecology, sociology, philosophy and spatial politics, distributed across different geographic locations.

Over the course of the last year, we have been meeting online bi-weekly to practice attunement and study as a mode of being together//apart. Across this process, we seek to extend Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s notion of ‘study’ to institute a mode of counter-maintenance, generating and maintaining felicitous conditions for encounters ‘where you allow yourself to be possessed by others’. PoA thus gathers with the aim to create a space outside or, more likely, at the periphery and in the cracks of a neoliberal capitalist mode of extraction, where coming together can happen in open-ended ways, in encounters whose outcome does not necessarily map onto a final product. Possession here becomes a practice of letting-go.